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The Hadassah Medical Center

The Hadassah Medical Center opens its doors to patients from near and far, proving the highest quality care they rightfully deserve.  At Hadassah, we understand and appreciate your investment of time, effort, and resources towards achieving better health.  We commit to …

Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center

Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (commonly referred to as Ichilov Hospital) is the main hospital serving Tel Aviv, Israel, and its metropolitan area. It is the third-largest hospital complex in the country. The complex is spread out over an area of 150,000 m² and incorporates three hospitals: Ichilov General …

Assuta Medical Center

Assuta Medical Center, the largest leading medical center in Israe, provides cutting-edge medical services utilizing world-class technologies to achieve the best diagnostic and treatment results. The center is constantly implementing new medical and technological advancements, creating a high level of …

Medical tourism in Israel

Medical tourism in Israel is medical tourism in which people travel to Israel for medical treatment, which is emerging as an important destination for medical tourists. In 2006, 15,000 people came to Israel for medical treatment, bringing in $40 million in revenue. In 2010, Israel treated 30,000 …

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